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JAY WOODS is a skilled producer, who not only produces his own music, but produces and co-produces for other artists as well. If you are interested in working with JAY for production, feel free to shoot a message through the contact form.  

How to work with JAY WOODS

  • Discussing style, genre and feeling

  • Creating different music parts you can choose from

  • Creating full production

It is possible to meet (online or in person) to write & record vocals, backing vocals & creating melodies. Full creative sessions are possible to ensure a great music production.

Mixing & Mastering

JAY WOODS is also a mixing and mastering engineer. He can do a complete production for you, or you can present a demo which he can mix and master so it will be ready for release. 

For more information or inquiries, please use the contact form.




JAY WOODS has worked with several artists already. 

Chanté - "'Vannacht Bij Jou" (production, recording, backing vocals, mixing & mastering)

Benjamin van Waai - ''Don't Find Love'' (co-production, recording  backing vocals, mixing & mastering)

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