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do you have problems with making your own music? do you want a little help?
I can help you to produce & write a song! You'll get the mix & master so you can RELEASE your single!


I always make songs by myself. I produce, sing, write, mix & master singles the way i like, it's a special style and when you hear a song of me, you can DEFINITELY hear that the song is made by JAY WOODS!

I release music myself as well, if you are interested in how i do my work, take a look at the video!

The making of: LOST


How I work:

You & I will be talking about what style, feeling & genre you want to make. After that I will make some different music parts so you can choose which one fits you best! 

When you know which one you like the most, I will make the whole production. You can meet up with me to write lyrics & record vocals, backing vocals & creating melodies! Just to be creative! It can be done one a FaceTime or zoom meeting if you don't live nearby. Otherwise we can meet up!


How I work:

After everything is recorded and you are happy with how the concept sounds, I start mixing and give you daily updates! 

You will get the mix & master! Ready for release!  

If you don't know how to release & protect your music I will help through every step of the process.

You can ALWAYS send me a message if you interested or if you wanna know the prices. 



I already helped multiple people with their music. That can be with anything, I can help with lyrics, production & mixing.

With ''Vannacht Bij Jou" I did the production, recording, backing vocals, mixing & mastering. This was the first release of Chanté. 

With ''Don't Find Love'' by Benjamin van Waaij I did the production (some parts, I already had a demo), recording some backing vocals, mixing & mastering. 

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