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the artist, producer & singer-songwriter

My name is JAY WOODS, I'm a singer-songwriter, producer, artist & mixing engineer.
I have sung my whole life and music has always been a passion of mine. Singing is who I am and I’m very ambitious about my music and I love to dream big! 

When I was very young I made covers from songs I liked and turned it into something new. I recorded my own backing vocals & created new melodies, I really wanted to be authentic.

I also had a lot of dance classes throughout the years, I did hip hop, modern, streetdance, ballet. When I'm performing I love to combine singing with dance!

After some experience in the music industry & learning a lot, I started to produce my own music and write my own lyrics. To get better in producing, I did a producer's education called ''Master The Mix'' where I learned a lot about the music industry and music production/mixing/mastering.

When I write my music I want to inspire people and heal people just like I experienced & felt what it's like to be inspired & healed listening to other amazing artists. Just knowing that you're not alone with some feelings you might have.​

I already released some music on the streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer.

I’m working on multiple projects which will come very soon!

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